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Not everyone knows how to knit!
by mulne
on 04/13/16 07:29 am
by mulne on 04/13/16 7:07 am

Looking around for something of interest to share with you all, I decided to simply google "how to knit."

72,500,000 sites were listed. Oh, my. I didn't visit them all. In fact, I didn't visit any of them. But I was happy to see there is a huge number of knitting teachers to choose from. . . This thought, led me to remember how I learned to knit, of course. No video. Orange acrylic (I think) yarn. Taught by my great Aunt Lena who always had time to show me how. The yarn may have been scratchy but my memories are soft and warm. And even though I don't do much knitting myself these days, I have always been involved in creative projects, both personally and professionally.

There's something about learning from "someone" that transcends the experience of simply learning a skill. Which brings me to another subject. MAKER FAIRE!

Maker Faire in the Bay Area is coming up sooner than we know. It will take place May 20 — 22, 2016 in San Mateo. TNNA sponsors a booth there each year in which volunteers teach thousands of people to knit, crochet, spin, needlepoint, cross-stitch ... and more .... We've estimated more than 21,000 new stitchers have been "created" at Maker Faires throughout the last 9 years. The NeedleArts Zone is managed by a volunteer member of TNNA, Frederikka Payne of Ogier Yarns (OgierYarns.com).

If you're interested in helping to teach, please contact Frederikka by emailing her at info@OgierYarns.com.

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