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Steinbach Wolle Maxi Metallic col. 00 Black dye lot 102 (6 available)
Steinbach Wolle Maxi Metallic
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High quality crochet cotton (10 weight) wrapped with gold.  

91% mercerized cotton, 9% metallized polyester
100 g. balls / 505 m. / 550 yards

10-weight crochet cotton

This yarn is not discontinued.  Some colors are discontinued, and are clearly marked as such.  Please be sure to order enough to complete your project when ordering discontinued colors.

Current colors:  $19.80
Discontinued colors:  $15.85
Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits, in variegated colors!
Thick and thin yarn wrapped with gold.
Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits.
Silky smooth ribbon with a nice glimmer. Very elegant!
A shiny textured yarn perfect for spring/summer wear in an Aran weight gauge!