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King Cole Garland 984 Ensign (11 available)
King Cole Garland
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King Cole Garland is super soft, immense chenille!  Some subtle sparkles add an additional layer of fun (that's what looks like lint in the photos -- it's really a bit of silvery sparkle).  

100% polyester
200 g. balls / 68 m. / 74 yards

Suggested gauge:  6 sts = 4"

Original retail price:  $25.00

Suggested patterns:
King Cole pattern 3642 cardigan and hatKing Cole pattern 3642 Pullover and Scarf
King Cole pattern leaflet 3642 
King Cole pattern 3643 Pillows and Throws

King Cole pattern leaflet 3643.

This yarn is discontinued / no longer produced.  Please be sure you have enough yarn to complete your project before you begin.
Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits, in variegated colors!
Thick and thin yarn wrapped with gold.
Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits.
Silky smooth ribbon with a nice glimmer. Very elegant!
A shiny textured yarn perfect for spring/summer wear in an Aran weight gauge!