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Button FB501A (40+ available)
Button No. FB501
Quantity Desired:
A shanked button combining textured gold and smooth, shiny solid color.  A fancy button perfect for evening wear!  The photos on the left show the front sides.  The buttons are encircled with a gold edge.  The photos on the right show the reverse sides.  The reverse side photos show a reflection of the black camera, but is a solid gold color.

Made of poly resin and metallized poly resin.  Washable (hand or machine) or dry-cleanable.

FB501A (black/gold):  1-1/8" (29 mm) diameter
FB501B (pink/gold):  7/8" (23 mm) diameter

This is a close-out.  Regular retail price of FB501A was $4.50.  Regular price of FB501B was $3.95.

Made in Switzerland.

Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits, in variegated colors!
Thick and thin yarn wrapped with gold.
Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits.
Silky smooth ribbon with a nice glimmer. Very elegant!
A shiny textured yarn perfect for spring/summer wear in an Aran weight gauge!