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by mulne
on 07/05/16 07:18 am
Just two more days ... July 8, 2016 is the first day of our July Warehouse Sale.

Again, you can stop by the warehouse or online. Spin our Mystery Discount Wheel and discover your discount at checkout.

This time, though, the discounts are even greater. . . Up to 75% off our already deeply discounted prices.

These are bargains you simply can't refuse. Now is definitely the time to replenish and

by mulne
on 05/17/16 08:57 am
Maker Faire Bay Area is less than a week away! Wish I could be there!

I recently had a chance to attend the Maker Faire in Austin with my children and grandchildren. It was a pure joy. Although much smaller than the Bay Area Faire, they had a little of everything there. Paper making to robotics. And of course, fiber arts . . . people teaching knitting and crochet . . . and weaving. These were just volunteers. I

by mulne
on 04/13/16 07:29 am
Looking around for something of interest to share with you all, I decided to simply google "how to knit."

72,500,000 sites were listed. Oh, my. I didn't visit them all. In fact, I didn't visit any of them. But I was happy to see there is a huge number of knitting teachers to choose from. . . This thought, led me to remember how I learned to knit, of course. No video. Orange acrylic (I think) yarn. Taught by my great Aunt Lena who always had time to show me how.

by mulne
on 04/05/16 08:00 am
Our Ginormous Warehouse Sale is into its fifth day!
As you know, our sale is going on online (shop right here), as well as at the warehouse in Moss Beach (directions here). Well, I'm out here in Columbus OH ... so I feel rather out-of-the-loop, so to speak. I've asked for photos, but you know what happens when you're busy (and I know

by mulne
on 04/01/16 08:24 am
It's time .... It's now... Our Ginormous Warehouse Sale is OPEN!

If you happen to be in the area around Moss Beach, CA, you can go directly to the Warehouse. (directions are here)

If not, you can shop right here online.

Whether here or there, you can still spin our Mystery Discount Wheel! You'l discover your valuable

by mulne
on 03/30/16 11:05 am
I know, we've all been waiting with growing anticipation for PremiumYarn.com's Ginormous Warehouse Sale! ... and now we're just one day away!

Everything's on sale: yarn, accessories, finished garments, buttons, patterns, books ... in fact, there isn't anything that isn't on sale!
... and more, more, more!
So, what's so special about this sale?
1. First of all, it's happening both right here online and onsite at the

by mulne
on 03/20/16 01:19 am
Not sleeping much, but thoroughly enjoying h+h cologne! I have to say, being here, I feel even more confident that the yarn industry is alive and thriving! We've been told that over 85,000 people attend this show during its 3 day run. They come from all over the world...a literal cacophony of languages. I'm so embarrassed that I only speak English!

There's more here than I even expected. Fabrics, trims, buttons galore.... and of course, YARN!


by mulne
on 03/14/16 07:22 am

Getting ready to go to Germany.... So excited! I'll be visiting my son and his family - my main reason for going. But while I'm there, I'll be joining my friend and colleague Frederikka Payne, the genius behind Ogier Yarns at the h+h cologne expo. It's THE international trade fair for creative handicraft and