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Eddie the Eagle Hat kits now available!
by mulne
on 02/24/16 07:49 am
by mulne on 02/24/16 7:07 am

Check it out! 
PremiumYarn.com is happy to introduce our very own version
of the Eddie the Eagle Hat . . . in a kit.

Yes, we're supporting the Eddie the Eagle movie!! Love Hugh Jackman! Don't really know Taron Egerton, but I hear he's terrific. And the concept of promoting yarn . . . knitting and crochet . . .coupled with the inspirational message of the movie . . . that of dedication, perseverance, and the importance of holding onto a dream . . . Well, what could be more perfect?

Part of the official Eddie the Eagle yarn promotion is that they're asking stitchers to stitch two hats, one to keep and one to give away. Each hat is to include a special label inside on which the stitcher and the recipient can write their own personal dreams. 

We wanted to do something a little different here at PremiumYarn.com. So we've decided to make it just a little easier and a little more exciting . . .
First, we figured you needed somewhere to send that second hat, right?? We'd like to suggest that you send your second hat to one of our favorite organizations: Millie's Hats for Hope Initiative one of the local chapters of a larger organization called Emily's Hats for Hope Initiative. The national organization has a listing of local chapters who would welcome your donations.

Secondly, there's a contest going on for the most original hat (with a deadline of April 1st). . . so we thought we'd give you something to work with. With each kit, you receive 1 mini-skein (3 m) of Kreinik shoelace yarn. This is a new material on the market that's actually sold as shoelaces. (Check them, and read about how these cool laces came to be on Krienik's website.) But we're going to stitch with it. Use it to knit with, duplicate stitch with . . . or simply to adorn your hats! Have a good time! And show off what you've created.

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