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Ginormous Warehouse Sale
by mulne
on 03/30/16 11:05 am
by mulne on 03/30/16 11:11 am

I know, we've all been waiting with growing anticipation for PremiumYarn.com's Ginormous Warehouse Sale! ... and now we're just one day away!

Everything's on sale: yarn, accessories, finished garments, buttons, patterns, books ... in fact, there isn't anything that isn't on sale!

PremiumYarn.com buttonsPremiumYarn.com shawl pin closurepremiumyarn.com scarf ... and more, more, more!
So, what's so special about this sale?
1. First of all, it's happening both right here online and onsite at the warehouse (850 Airport St., Unit 1

Moss Beach, CA 94038).
So you have a choice. You can shop here ... or if you're in the 
neighborhood, visit the actual warehouse. We've included directions on our Mystery Discount Wheel page ....

2. Which brings up something else ... 
Our Mystery Discount Wheel. If you're on our website, you get to spin our virtual wheel to received a coupon code. When you enter the code at checkout, you'll discover your discount .... up to 40%! 

If you're at the warehouse, you can spin a real wheel when you checkout! You'll find out right away how much you'll be saving!

If you get a chance, check out our short youtube ad at: 

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