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It's time for our Ginormous Warehouse Sale!
by mulne
on 04/01/16 08:24 am
by mulne on 04/01/16 8:08 am

It's time .... It's now... Our Ginormous Warehouse Sale is OPEN!

If you happen to be in the area around Moss Beach, CA, you can go directly to the Warehouse. (directions are here)

If not, you can shop right here online.

Whether here or there, you can still spin our Mystery Discount Wheel! You'l discover your valuable discount (up to 40% off) at the checkout.

But you really do need to act fast. Most of our merchandise is in limited supply ... you know, those discontinued yarns you've been looking for, or a single color of a yarn you just have to have! We also have finished garments that have been hand knitted or crocheted by "professional" stitchers.

Orhaghi Ceylon, 2 piece dress designed by Lorna MiserHere's an example of one of the finished garments on display at the warehouse. It's a fabulous 2-piece dress knit in Ornaghi Ceylon. The combo is designed by the one-and-only Lorna Miser of Zombie Yarns. For more information about this, please call 415-290-7339 or email.

Don't forget, even the Nifty SwiftTM is on sale!

Take a look. Maybe you'll just find what you're looking for right here!

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