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Day Number Five!
by mulne
on 04/05/16 08:00 am
by mulne on 04/05/16 8:08 am

Our Ginormous Warehouse Sale is into its fifth day! 
As you know, our sale is going on online (shop right here), as well as at the warehouse in Moss Beach (directions here). Well, I'm out here in Columbus OH ... so I feel rather out-of-the-loop, so to speak. I've asked for photos, but you know what happens when you're busy (and I know they've been busy!). I do know some friends stopped by yesterday, and had fun shopping and spinning our "real life" Mystery Discount Wheel!
Remember ...There's new merchandise on display at the warehouse every day, so if you've stopped by once, don't hesitate to come back!

If you've shopped online, and want to try a new code (maybe you'll get an even better discount??), come on back! 

Oh, and I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them!

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