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B'Twixt & B'Tweed Jacket
B'Twixt & B'Tweed Jacket in Lana d'Irlanda
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B'Twixt & B'Tweed Jacket -- a warm and cozy cardigan made in three colors of Ornaghi Lana d'Irlanda (100% superwash wool), designed by Michele Wyman.

Size:  Bust:  36", length: 24"

All finished items are sold AS IS.  Condition is Excellent.

If you would like to make this item yourself, you can purchase the pattern here.  Lana d'Irlanda is no longer available.  We recommend the following as substitutes:

Steinbach Wolle Echte Schafwolle
Steinbach Wolle Hauswolle
Steinbach Wolle Rubezahl
Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits, in variegated colors!
Thick and thin yarn wrapped with gold.
Cotton blend yarn with fun textured bits.
Silky smooth ribbon with a nice glimmer. Very elegant!
A shiny textured yarn perfect for spring/summer wear in an Aran weight gauge!